Festival Pack



Manny a witch comes from a centuries long occupation of catching fallen stars and releasing them back into night sky. To keep the balance of civilizations and the creatures from crashing into each other and safe. But as civilization advances with producing louder and brighter creations the fallen stars are drawn to. Manny needs to up their game because their job just got a lot harder.


Manchester Animation Festivals. Deadline – 28th July 2017. Submission details – http://www.manchesteranimationfestival.co.uk/submissions/submit-film/

Magical Nights: International Festival of Animated Film. Deadline – 15th August 2017. Submission details – http://www.lesnuitsmagiques.fr/formulaire-inscription.html

Cartoons Underground. Deadline – 30th June 2017. Submission details – https://cartoonsunderground.com/film-submission-2/


I created many different types of checklist to keep the progress of my shots organized. For example to film live reference, the shots needed to be roughed out, and the completion on the shots.