Original Idea Draft Script

Manny is a witch chemist

That catches/retrieves star creatures

That have fallen from the sky to earth

She captures them and returns them to the sky

Her magic is like light and fire and fireworks


Theres a firework show in the village in the countryside or with big fields

M is on a Pylon

M looks through dark vision goggles

Notices SC from other direction

A star creature is attracted to the area by a firework show nearby

M jumps on the Pylon and starts flying towards the direction of the SC

Now either the SC goes up first or M first uses a firework spell to gain the SC attention

M leads the star creature away from the populated area

Star creatures are attracted to other light stuff

There’s a point where the creatures causes M to crash

She survives and lands in a bush (shot of broom and burning hat to suggest she’s dead but is not)

M is surrounded by the star creatures

Her wand is several feet away from her

Shes uses a lighter she has on her to distract the creature

And retrieves her wand and gets  the creature into a container

Next shot she is very high in the sky

And opens the container (maybe lights it up like a firework)

The creature flies upwards and returns to it place in the stars

Credits in M sitting on the hill looking at the landscape and sky having a snack and shoot stars

Ends by a star crashing


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